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When I was asked to do a write up on how we came about starting Laska Storm Designs, my mind instantaneously hit a blank…

I know me, I know us and I know fashion, life, momlife pretty well.

Where does one start…

I could go the all time generic route and explain how we started, what we do and all your usual boring blasé nonsense that no one really pays attention to.

But being me and being ridiculously defiant and rebellious since I popped into this world I’m going to take you on a very short trip down memory lane and how we are now at this point… My website… You are reading!

I live and die for all things bohemian and 100% authentic.

I’m a doting mom to a crazy 3 year old... Who you will get to know all too well whilst following me… So for now I will just introduce her as #princessminion or as I like to call her #mommystinyterrorist.

I’m a nagging and annoying wife to an extremely awesome, hardworking husband and he too will feature from time to time in our men’s section (dragged kicking and screaming for photos) but for now I’ll introduce him as #mygorgeous.

Ok so we’ve covered the just of it…

So before I was all this I was a young girl with a very large dream to be a fashion designer, a stylist and to run my own CMT…

Mmm, then life happened, threw me a couple of curveballs and went a bit sideways, dreams were altered, life was adjusted to accommodate all my loves and so here we sit with the start of a new chapter.

Being a product of a dad trying to raise independent girls I do thrive on trying to do it all… That and I pretty much live and die by my personality.

Tell me no, I will show you yes, tell me I can’t and I will prove you wrong… For many years this has gotten me into trouble but somehow I found some balance and made this do or die, accept me as I am mantra work for me.

Queue the birth of Laska Storm Design.

My first born, the epitome of who I am. (Or so I believed until #mommystinyterrorist came along).

So for fear of boring you further, here is our basic background.

LSD started as a meniscal 2nd year business project and me being me, I decided to take it further.

It’s been a long 5 year journey with plenty of highs and an abundance of pitfalls but then again what type of business isn’t difficult.

The basis of LSD is bohemian wear, but we do evening wear, matric dresses, accessories, occasionally men’s wear and children’s novelty items.

Here at LSD we do complete wardrobe styling for all shapes and sizes and we most certainly do not follow “the perfect body trends” as you will see by our signature dress which is made to carry you through all sizes of your life, weight fluctuations and even the journey from non-mom to mom.

We love being different, so we try our best not to duplicate prints. The style might be the same but 9 out of 10 times it will be completely unique based on print and wearer of said garment.

Everything is made to order but you can find that all out as you browse.

I hope you enjoy Laska Storm Design for all that it is, from simply buying a dress, enjoying our lifestyle blog or drawing inspiration from our look of the day or even just using it as a tool to uplift yourself.

At Laska Storm Design we are here to show you that fashion is so much more than clothes and that you can carry it through to your everyday life, be it styling a friend or decorating for a party and even redecorating your house.

Here at LSD you will find inspiration, upliftment and an inside look into what it’s like to be a fashionista, wife, mother and friend, all while staying fit and healthy.