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With a title that stands for LIVE.EMBRACE.LOVE.CHERISH, Laska Storm could not pass up the invitation to the media launch of this wonderful place.

Being 100% newbie to the #yogi culture and lifestyle I found myself having a mild panic attack (solved quickly by my #gorgeousone) at having to attend this media launch, having never covered this kind of event before and only having started beginners yoga 2 short months ago (inverted handstand being my most creative pose , wall assisted of course) I set out with my nerves on edge , yoga mat , notebook, camera in hand and an open mind…all I can say is I’m so glad I did.

The setting was absolutely breath taking , set at the opulent Lourensford wine Etstate our hosts mother, daughter duo Trish and Sam Taylor the brains behind L.E.L.C welcomed us with friendly smiles , warm hugs and an abundance of River Garden Rose wine…yes you read that right …yoga and wine!

We were asked to find a place on the grass for ourselves and our trusty mats and to take a deep breath and relax…

Ryan L.E.L.C’s wonderful yoga instructor began the wonderful “to find your balance, lose your balance” yoga session, which was truly a wonderful experience at first I found myself uncomfortable looking around wandering whose staring, but as soon as I realized we were just 50 people on our own little journey I started to relax, stretch and really get into it, I failed terribly at some poses while at others I felt like an old pro, after our session I felt clear and relaxed and decided that I needed to take my yoga practice more seriously.

Once we were all relaxed on wine and stretching we were entertained by the talented AcroYoga , followed by a short Q&A with lots of exciting prizes given out for correct answers.

The evening was ended off with a delightful wine and cheese tasting with homemade cheese crafted by Pepe Charlot and a wonderful goodie bag and short introduction on the Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp Foundation by Kim Martins, who is truly one amazing lady and I had the pleasure of chatting with her after the event, she will be hosting another campaign on the 3rd Dec for this amazing initiative, if you would like to find out more on how to get involved with the Reeva Foundation head over to their website and purchase yourself a bag or 10 and donate it to your nearest police station ,school or church and help bring awareness for domestic violence.

The goodie bags were absolutely phenomenal with treats from the green box, a voucher from Ozone me, incense, Tranquini drinks, Vita coco water and information booklets for the Reeva Foundation to name just a few.

All in all this was truly an amazing experience, Trish and Sam have really started a wonderful movement for bringing people together in nature while they enjoy the sweet pleasures of life and the benefit of gaining great health in mind, body and soul through yoga.

Love & Light

If you would like to experience this for yourself L.EL.C offer the following:


WEDNESDAYS      6:00AM & 8:00AM (60MIN)

THURSDAYS         17:30AM (60 MIN)

SUNDAYS               9:00 AM – 10:30AM (90MIN)


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