Novelty Items
Artwork: Shadow Inc © COPYRIGHT © LSD 2018

Shadow meets Shade

Our first collaboration is with the very quirky, dark and talented Michael Evans from Shadow Inc.

We have collaborated more than once over the years and we piggy back off one another more often than not… think of Shadow Inc as Laska Storm’s right hand, basically the shadow to the shade in our crazy partnership. Shadow inc is the brains and talent behind all our branding and any printed items we create, this amazing graphic designer is talented in a vast variety of mediums from digital to hand.

Not only does he create amazing digital pieces he also paints and sketches on an insane level although he will tell you differently …he is weird like that …but as with all artists they are their own worse critics.

If you like what you see head over to his facebook and instagram pages, not much else to say as his work speaks for itself, we will be doing a full blog piece on the origin of Shadow Inc in the future and interviewing this talented designer to see what gets his brain cell charging.

If you would love to get your hands on anything Shadow Inc contact him as follows:


Michael Evans

076 579 1002